SmartTrader is a community for traders of all experience levels. 

Trading is anything but easy and above all you can do many things wrong and still have the feeling of being “successful” in the short term, which can give you a false sense of being on the right track. With this deceptive feeling and the possibility to interpret the markets in any way, many so-called experts play and try to sell useless courses or promise the big, fast money.

At SmartTrader everything is different. We trade together and will never enter a trade without understanding exactly what we do and are able to justify it 100%. There is no “secret strategy” or any indicators that you just learn and then trade successfully – that is complete nonsense!

I share my knowledge with you from over 18 years of trading experience. For more than 14 years I have been working in various positions in the financial industry and management consulting. Since 2014/15 I am also increasingly active as a coach, trading mentor or even teacher and since the beginning of 2018 with SmartTrader especially away from the focus on large investors and institutional traders, to “normal” people – like you and me.

I exactly do what others don’t – explain the WHY.

Why does an asset move one way, why is there high volatility in the markets, and what is the best way to profit from it all? You'll also often notice that I have a very different opinion than the one you'll read from “experts” in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg or CNBC – because they're just quoting each other or explaining what happened instead of what will happen.

At SmartTrader you learn all kinds of aspects of trading, first and foremost fundamental analysis and how to make decisions based on fundamentals, as well as on current and future events. It is also important to me that you understand the psychology of the market, risk management, money management, but also your personal trading statistics, your personal track record and the trading software and tools. We also work on the right mindset and expectations, so that in the future you will only make sound, i.e. well-considered, well-founded and comprehensible decisions.

All this may sound complicated at first – but if you are motivated and patient and follow my guidance, you will have everything you need to take decisive steps towards becoming a successful trader. Many before you have already walked the path with me and our community. 

We at SmartTrader have only one goal: To be successful together!