Trading History & Performance - December 2023

On this page you will find the complete, detailed and verified trading history & performance of Robert Lindner. You can see key metrics, statistics and an overview of all trades – including raw data directly from the broker. Our goal is to give you a complete overview and ensure the highest level of transparency. We have reviewed more than 400 providers of trading strategies and signals, trading coaches and mentors, trading communities and channels: What they all have in common is that they operate in a non-transparent manner and do not provide insight into the real, unadorned and complete trading performance. We want to do it differently and show you 100% of our trading history & performance – positive or negative.

Main Results - December 2023


Total Profit & Loss (PNL)



Ø PNL per day

(15 trading days)


Trades Success Rate



No. of Trading Signals

RAW Trading Report:

Profit & Loss Breakdown - December 2023

Gross Profit: $80,054.32
Gross Loss: -$27,127.87
Profit Factor: 2.95

Total PNL: $52,926.45

Trade Statistics - December 2023

Total Trades Conducted: 144
Average Trades per Day: 9.6
(15 trading days)

Winning Trades: 121
Losing Trades: 23
Trade Success Rate: 84.03%

Average PNL per Trade: $367.54

SHORT Trades: 71 | Success Rate: 81.69%

LONG Trades: 74 | Success Rate: 86.30%

Most Profitable Trade:

Open Time Type Size Item Price S/L T/P Close Time Closing Price Commission Swap Profit
2023.12.15 22:46:04
2023.12.20 18:54:09

Most Negative Trade:

Open Time Type Size Item Price S/L T/P Close Time Closing Price Commission Swap Profit
2023.12.13 21:02:49
2023.12.14 15:55:49

Signals Overview & Performance - December 2023

Total Signals Issued: 109
Signal Success Rate: 81.65%

Total PNL all Signals: $52,926.45
Average PNL per Signal: $485.56

Forex Signals: 27
Winning: 22 | Success Rate: 81.48%

Index Signals: 20
Winning: 15 | Success Rate: 75.00

Stock Signals: 32
Winning: 28 | Success Rate: 87.50%

Gold Signals: 21
Winning: 18  | Success Rate: 85.71%

Oil Signals: 5
Winning: 4 | Success Rate: 80.00%

Crypto Signals: 4
Winning: 2 | Success Rate: 50.00%

Detailed Performance Metrics for December 2023:

Total Gross Profit:$52,926.45Total Net Profit:$47,988.48
Average PNL per Trading Day:$3,528.43No. of Trading Days in Period:15
Total No. of Trades:144Average Daily No. of Trades:9.60
Total No. of Trading Signals Issued109Average Daily No. of Trading Signals:7.27
No. of Winning Trades:121Trade Success Rate:84.03%
No. of Losing Trades:23Trade Loss Rate:15.97%
No. Winning Signals:89Signal Success Rate:81.65%
No. Losing Signals:20Signal Loss Rate:18.35%
Average PNL per Winning Signal:$893.43Average PNL per Losing Signal:-$1,329.44
Max Consecutive Winning Signals:24Max Consecutive Losing Signals:4
Average PNL per Trade:$367.54Profit Factor:2.95
Average PNL per Signal$485.56Payout Ratio per Signal:0.67
Largest Profit Single Trade:$3,492.90Largest Loss Single Trade:-$2,336.00
Total Commission:$3,124.46Total Fees incl. Swaps:$1,813.51

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