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What are SmartTrader Trading Signals?

SmartTrader Trading Signals are based on the comprehensive fundamental analysis of Robert Lindner and the SmartTrader Analyst Team. By translating complex market data into actionable insights = trading signals, we give our members the opportunity to mirror these suggestions (sometimes called "copy trading"). Although this mirroring mechanism can already enable consistent profitability, we primarily encourage our members to understand market dynamics and educate themselves with our guidance and the support of our team. We want every member to know what is moving the markets at any given moment and how they can profit from those movements. This way, our members can also refine their strategy on their own, use the trading software efficiently and optimize their risk management.

What do you receive at SmartTrader?

When you join SmartTrader, you get more than "just" the best trading signals in the industry. You get access to a vast reservoir of fundamental market analysis written and led by Robert Lindner, his team and other market experts. We provide you with a personal account manager who will make sure you learn the art of trading, understand how to successfully use our fundamental and sentiment analysis, and everything you need to improve your trading results. We also provide you with ongoing support, educational opportunities and a platform to exchange ideas with other traders and market experts.

Benefits of VIP Membership:

Real-time Market Analyses

Stay ahead of the game (and markets!) with our real-time, fundamental, and actionable market analyses. Gain a deep understanding of market dynamics and capitalize on profitable opportunities. Our market analyses have consistently delivered positive results over the last 5 years – with over 84% of positions ending in profit.

Personal Account Manager

Navigate the world of trading with ease with the assistance of your dedicated account manager. Whether you need assistance with setting up your trading account ,opening and closing your trades, or have questions about your existing positions – we've got you covered. Your trading journey is our priority – we're here to support you every step of the way.

Exclusive VIP Content Access

Gain unlimited access to our premium VIP content across all SmartTrader platforms. Our comprehensive articles and analyses are crafted by experienced financial market and trading experts, equipping you with vital insights that bolster your market comprehension and trading success.

1 month VIP

Full VIP access

Real- time trading signalsPersonal Account ManagerExclusive News and Analysis accessPortfolio overviewActive support

3 months VIP

Full VIP access

$970/3 months
Real- time trading signalsPersonal Account ManagerExclusive News and Analysis accessPortfolio overviewActive support

Lifetime VIP

Lifetime VIP access

Everything from the other plansRobert Lindner as direct contactOne- time payment discount24/7 support availablePersonalised trading strategies

Unrivaled Market Analyses

At SmartTrader, we take pride in offering you the most detailed and precise market analyses. Avoid ineffective courses from self-proclaimed trading gurus and unreliable trading bots and strategies. Instead, choose the path of transparency, verified outcomes, and a community of more than 50,000 global traders who have placed their trust in us over the past half-decade. Register for free and experience the SmartTrader advantage for yourself. 

At SmartTrader, we help members to become significantly more profitable traders - whether you're just starting out or you are already an experienced trader. On this website you find the knowledge, market analysis, forex trading signals, crypto trading signals (telegram channel), tools, and personal support that will help you on your path to become a successful trader.

A Strong Team, Network and Community

Learn from professionals that will guide you every step of the way to understand how the financial markets work, what drives the market and how to profit from the market movements. They will provide you with knowledge that they have gathered over decades of being at the top of trading and analyses that will enhance your skills and ensure that you only make well-informed decisions.

At the forefront of our team is SmartTrader founder Robert Lindner, who is also SmartTrader's Chief Analyst. Boasting over 20 years of experience, Robert has been a sought-after consultant for business professionals, analysis teams, investment banks and firms, companies, non-governmental institutions, and more. He is often featured in prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal and is known as one of the world's best short-term traders who also has trading records to his name - including the longest winning streaks in index and oil trading (both in short-term trading).

Why SmartTrader is Your Preferred Trading Ally

Access real-time market insights and data, coupled with incisive analyses to shape informed trading decisions. We equip you with the knowledge, empowering you to understand not just what you do but why you do it. Our expansive educational resources ensure you're always ahead of the curve, adapting to market trends swiftly.

Trade confidently knowing you have the knowledge and insights needed for informed decisions.

The whole SmartTrader Team is committed to your success. We also offer various risk management consultations and tools and resources to protect your capital and increase your return on investment (ROI).

An Active Trading Community Awaits You at SmartTrader

Join an Active Community of passionate traders that want to be successful together and are helping each other succeed. Comment on articles and speak with other members, gain valuable contacts and connect with other traders and analysts around the world. Share ideas, your market analysis and learn from each other.

Get Started Today!

Sign up for a free account to start your journey to becoming a profitable trader and gaining more trading expertise. With SmartTrader you have everything you need to be successful and mentors to help you on your way to successful trading.